2021 | Drop The Punt

Drop The Punt: Gambling Intervention Campaign

Role: Creative Director, Illustrator

Social gambling is normalised in Australia’s culture, especially within sports. With the convenience of online mobile betting, young men are developing harmful gambling addictions. Drop the Punt aims to address the boredom and loneliness that causes young men to gamble for entertainment.

My strategy for this campaign was to implement an intervention-based to reduce gambling-related harm. Visually, the campaign’s design was inspired by the resurgence of the 80s aesthetic amongst young men--specifically the luxurious mullets and thick moustaches. This was also an era when sports betting was still illegal, and online betting was far from a reality. This campaign draws from this retro resurgence, encouraging the audience to drop the punt and become legends of their community sports league.

Good Kid, m.A.A.d. City