2021 | Grand Cinemas

Grand Cinemas Identity Refresh & Mural

Role: Illustrator, Creative Director

The aim of the Grand Cinemas brand refresh was to create an innovative cinematic experience that extends outside the theatre. My goal was to capture the excitement within a bold modern identity to rejuvenate the company, reclaim younger audiences, and solidify the revenue stream.


My concept for this mural looked at combining different beloved movie genres into a quad-style poster. After several iterations of the sketch, I illustrated the piece in a bold and detailed visual style. The colour palette was kept minimal in order to keep the essence of the brand, and not overpower the details. These details were key to capturing the larger-than-life idea for the mural.


The throughline for the project was to evoke the language of cinema in a bold, succinct identity. This extends from a strong brandmark; one that creates a ā€˜Gā€™ with a shape that appears as both a projected screen and a speech bubble. These applications then further the brandmark into a contemporary cinema identity.