2021 | Retro by Vespa

Vespa Esperienza Portable Projector Packaging

Role: Illustrator, Creative Director

The aim of this project was to create branding and product packaging for Vespa’s nostalgic sub-brand, Vespa Retro. I created the Esperienza, a portable bluetooth projector designed to be easily stored in a Vespa for a cinematic experience on the go. This packaging is aimed towards young scooter riders with an eye for chic vintage aesthetics.

The visual style was inspired by the classic film and travel posters of the 50s and 60s. These posters offer a feeling of authenticity and quality to align with the brand’s values and evoke the fun, fresh, and exciting cinematic experience provided by the Esperienza. The colour palette is directly influenced by the actual paint on the Vespa scooters, especially the classic, retro varieties.

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